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Eric Holder to be pressed on NSA surveillance revelations – live updates

Attorney general on Capitol Hill to discuss Justice Department budget but likely to face questions on data collection
Eric Holder, US attorney general

Welcome to our live blog coverage of Attorney General Eric Holder’s appearance before the Senate appropriations subcommittee, where he is scheduled to testify about the Justice Department’s budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

The first questions for Holder, however, are likely to focus on the revelation this morning that the Obama administration is conducting catch-all surveillance of millions of Americans pursuant to a top-secret court order obtained and published by the Guardian Wednesday. Under the auspices of the Patriot Act, the order requires that a division of Verizon turn over phone records for communications inside the US and between the US and foreign countries during the period of 25 April through 19 July 2013.

Holder is embattled on a number of fronts. He is also likely to face questions about his department’s broad seizure of Associated Press phone records as part of a leak investigation and about the targeting by the Internal Revenue Service of conservative groups, activity the justice department has been investigating. Our Washington bureau chief, Dan Roberts, is there.

Waiting for Eric Holder to turn up to Senate hearing. He has some big questions to answer thanks to @ggreenwald pic.twitter.com/dIR7YLJiD7

— Dan Roberts (@RobertsDan) June 6, 2013